Simple but smart

A more conscious lifestyle plays a crucial part in reducing your carbon footprint and living sustainably.
5YN3RGY provides a sustainable basis for your company to flourish. The building provides luxury without causing environmental regrets. Smart changes in the architecture, the build, and the design make 5YN3RGY sustainable. At the end of the day sustainability is not rocket science and reducing emissions never looked– or felt– better.

5YN3RGY – Sustainability

Opening the exterior windows, interior windows, and the atrium roof flushes the whole building with fresh air within a few minutes. This naturally cools the building by bringing in the cool morning and evening air during the summer months.

5YN3RGY – Sustainability

The solar panels power the largest geothermal system beneath any building in Düsseldorf. The landscaping incorporates the solar panels in such a way that green energy is on display as part of an attractive, integrated design.

5YN3RGY – Sustainability

The geothermal power system is run with energy from the solar panels on the roof. All tenants purchase green electricity and therefore positively counteract climate change.

5YN3RGY – Sustainability
5YN3RGY – Sustainability


The skylight provides the building with unlimited light during the day, reducing the amount of artificial light that needs to be used.
5YN3RGY – Sustainability


Plants and flowers improve the air quality in the building. Greenery on the roof and around the building helps to minimize soil sealing.
5YN3RGY – Sustainability


Materials have been selected consciously to stand the test of time.

In our low-tech building natural forces are brought into balance for comfortable and climate-neutral operation.
–Patrick Jung,
IPJ Ingenieurbüro P. Jung